5 Social

A Cocktail Bar, Redefined.

Rules of a Gentleman.

Dress for the occasion stay comfortable and true to yourself. Trust us. You'll feel good and have a great time.

Know your tastes and find a signature drink that you can order in any bar with effortless swag.

Hold doors open for people. Be a good human. It's all about the small things.

Do not be afraid of accessorizing, a pair of nice shoes or a classy watch can Upgrade U, almost immediately, as explained in the Beyoncé song.

Make good eye contact, but not so much that it gets into “I’ve been watching you from behind your dumpster” levels.

Treat every woman with the same amount of respect and humanity that you would your mother, sister, daughter, or you know, other humans — you've heard this one before, we really shouldn't have to repeat it.

Master a good handshake.

Know your alcohol limits, and respect them. Stay classy fam.

Sit back, relax and socialize.